Solution for New Energy and Climate Bills !

This is the needed solution for the New Energy and Climate Bills  to make it  with out all the fights and naysayers . This is a Solution that will help ease into a new age , changing the landscape of of Energy as we know it .

With this Technology installed to breakdown CO2 and other Pollutants,this will save many business  from going  under creating a  huge job lose and create Jobs at the same time .  Stopping the Tax passed down to the Consumer !

Without this and other Innovative Solutions many refuse to believe in Global Warming , what is indisputable ~ The massive amounts of Poisons spewing into the atmosphere on a daily basis . Denying that is foolish , please check on Ocean Acidification for those who are not worried about or do not believe in Climate Change . No matter what you believe there is little doubt~ The Oceans are dieing . 

Please Watch , along with many related Videos ~ Studys ~ Ocean Acidification is real . Mercury is now common in so many fish .  At the rate we are going the Oceans do not have long ,  this is not fantasy this is real .


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6 Responses to “Solution for New Energy and Climate Bills !”

  1. brutal86 Says:

    The New Energy Bill is needed but not in its form now . There are no real solution for transition , until now . The huge Tax created will be past on to those who can not afford it .
    As the Bills stand now there is nothing many Employers can do but to shut down or pass the CO2 Tax on to those who can not afford it .
    This is a new technology that will give those creating CO2 and other harsh Pollutants a true and viable solution , this is not just for Coal but for many uses. We get up to 65% of our electricity from Coal we thought it important to offer the solution there first .
    This will save Jobs while creating more Jobs and keep Emission free Coal burning hotter and more efficient.

    This Tech can also be used to rid the earth of the pools of sludge made by trying to scrub Coal . This is not the same as Arc Tech and should prove to be a giant leap in cleaning the atmosphere and reducing Ocean Acidification before it is to late .

    This is the solution , please read and comment on Clean emissions , Clean Coal and beyond .

    Once you understand the principle of this technology , other uses will come to mind , we have a good 25 other needed uses .

    Time to take Control with solutions not words ! Or Prepare for failure !

    • brutal86 Says:

      I am flabbergasted , has anyone read any of this , is it important enough to be news worthy or will we stay in denial digesting yummies like Mercury and Arsenic .
      For those who believe the world is flat this can still help you as in seems no mater the shape “The Shapes of Things to Come” far outweigh our stupid idiotic differences .
      Here is a little secret , the world is not flat and Microwave Induced Plasma M.I.P. removes the Mercury consumed by fish and if you continue to chow down on Fish with Mercury and even Arsenic , you will not understand even the simplest wording such as get out of the way an 18 Wheeler doing 70 will hit you if you don’t move out of it’s path ! You at that time would be considered lucky , by then your body would be in such bad shape death would be a welcomed . So please pass this around we have found the sweet spot , the demonstration for NASA Scientist convinced all of them and many other scientist . This is not for the MENSA crowd only anyone can understand this and the importance , so please pass it around .

  2. brutal86 Says:

    Clean emissions , Clean Coal and beyond The new Energy bill just past , this is needed now more then ever , the cost added will be past down to us .

    This is a new technology ~ using Microwave Plasma reduces emissions close to 100% , Coal is just the beginning , Oil refineries , Vehicles of all kinds .
    Terraforming , YES Terraforming , one of the biggest draw backs besides emissions with Coal is the devastation left behind .
    This has a Core temp of 17 Million Fahrenheit. That will boil water fast , easy to understand , creation of boilers using this to create energy is easy and clean letting clouds form where needed and create Energy at the same time . Should be easy to understand . This would create zero emissions even using salt water, eventually fazing out Coal and Nuclear in a timely way that will not disrupt Jobs , Electrical Grid , the cascading effect of suddenly stopping the use of Coal or Taxing Coal , Chemical , Oil Refineries will come at a high price one that will be fought tooth and nail without a solution , this is that solution ! All we hear is how nasty Coal is but with 65% of electricity in the USA coming from Coal an abrupt stop would not be pretty , remember the rolling blackouts in California ? Abrupt stop of Coal and bankruptcy of so many CO2 producing needed energy would leave our grid wide open to failure , lose of jobs , tremendous ? Windmills and Solar will take a long time and will still fall short . That will happen across this great Country ! Innovation has always been our strong point , leaving our grid wide open to failure , lose of jobs , tremendous . This is the fastest way to catch up , can be very simple. Leaving Coal ,Chemical, Oil and Gas plants that produce so many toxins would be a disaster , this is a good example , below link explains some hazardous waist. The Tax on CO2 will be passed on to us , this breaks CO2 down leaving pure Carbon , separates and captures – Mercury-Arsenic Heavy Metals and all other Pollutants , there are many most are not aware of. The Arsenic and Mercury can be reused no need for mining anymore for those . Arsenic is used in LED lights. This is an easy site to understand , household uses ~
    There are many other uses . The Dec world meeting on Climate Change most are NOT familiar with Please Read at least this one , after this Dec. Meeting World Tax goes into effect ,this will be Global ,if we are not ready the Price will be past onto us , yes “We the People” . Hyper inflation will likely occur. Our goal mining old garbage dumps will be feasible . The old Technology using Plasma Torch (Arc) Technology helps , capturing and storing CO2 is not an option with a solution the CO2 into the Oceans causing Acidification killing our Oceans , this can be retrofitted to those or use the same please watch related videos . Scary but TRUE !

    Old Torch tech
    This Older but now seen as a solution has benefits but dose not break down CO2 and dose not give solutions to those who need one Now . That Technology is useful and needed keeping landfills free of Computers and other poisons that will eventually break down , getting into our water supply ,the rate we are going this tech will be our water supply. So far all interest have been outside the USA , we will keep this in the USA creating Jobs , with the many uses there will be huge Green Job Creations , with fantastic tax incentives, yes it will be sold to all Countries but as best as possible will be Made in the USA.

    Dr. Paul Curto ~ Senior technologist for NASA for 16 years and acting CEO ,
    Pure Power has a unique and powerful idea that may transform the energy landscape. His concept of the use of microwave energy on concentrated toxic exhaust gases to break down and destroy the toxicity is clearly an approach that needs to be implemented on a large scale for both energy and environmental advances. Microwave plasmafication is the key. He may need some help from research laboratories to verify the effects and to formulate the most efficient means to deliver the focused microwave energy to the target streams. The geometry of the emitter and the means to remove the cleaned gases from the reaction region must be perfected before commercial implementation. Perhaps university and small business grants from DOE and DHS may be warranted. The utility industry should jump at the opportunity to enable its use of clean coal and related liquefaction and gasification technologies. Cities and counties where clean air, clean water, and energy shortages will become serious must have an answer.
    I met Dr. Tracy where he revealed some of his ideas. He is a truly gifted and prolific inventor. He has several other supporters who will also vouch for his abilities, Nelson Camus, and Charles Ivie. He has an application for a grant to assist in his research. Please look into his case. It may be a life saver for millions of Americans.

    Sir, I served my Nation as an engineer and scientist for over 42 years, With NASA, the US Army, MITRE, and Dravo Corporation. I was Chief Technologist at NASA until I retired last year, and was known for my work in evaluating all of NASA’s most important technological discoveries. I know good ideas when I see one, and this has the right potentialities.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Dr. Paul A. Curto, CEO Pure Power Inc.
    Potomac, MD 20854

    For those familiar with Plasma touch Technology this is Technology uses Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) to break the compounds to their elements, by stripping the electron(s) off the atoms, breaking the valence bond(s), releasing and capturing the solids, and collecting the gases. I am using the plasma, not plasmafied air, and thus this is a more efficient molecular process. I am currently using a 1050w system. Compared to current 100kw-100mw plasma/air torches. Plasmafication vs Combustion. “It is a MATTER of WAVELENGTH”!
    For those demanding Solar , Natural Gas and wind , they are all good and all needed , the building material from Coal , pure carbon waist , makes the best insulation and building material . A home made out of pure Carbon or Carbon Mix would be extremely energy efficient , strong as steel and almost as light as Aluminum , so for those who see a murky pool of sludge we see building material , Innovation , that is what this Country is all about ~ we come up with the ideas others use them to there advantage , this will be a needed advantage to the Worlds.
    This is needed now before it is to late , for those naysayers of Global Warming Look at the Oceans , agree or not with Global Warming you can not disagree with the Ph levels and acidification of our Oceans , when they die we are not far behind ~ That is Reality !
    Below web site will be updated !
    Thank You ~ Hope all see the potential of this new Technology .

  3. Rick Harold Says:

    This new Technology will create and save jobs , break down CO2 creating a fantastic building material of pure Carbon .

    This captures all pollutants , sorry but you can not cook mercury or Arsenic out of Fish. Part of the dumping .
    We can not afford not to use this making the Tax Moot.
    Who do people think the huge tax will be passed down to , give you a hint , Consumers , the poor not the Corporations creating this mess .
    Now will one single CEO or Executive loose there bonus .

    I doubt you will hear of this in Copenhagen , unless Dr. Paul Curto , renowned Scientist known Globally is allowed to speak .
    As Chief Technologist at NASA for 16 Years he and other scientist believe in this technology , that given the chance will out perform any Tax created or Control over our Country !

    Want clean air , less man made CO2 , this is it . More power to your Engine with no emissions and a huge leap in fuel economy this is it .
    Making Electricity from everyday garbage thrown out , this is it .
    The list goes on and on , including putting out Forest Fires .
    Terraforming .
    And the list goes on

  4. amy Says:

    Great stuff. I am wriiting about the gasification thing too. swap links?

  5. amy Says:

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