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Solution for New Energy and Climate Bills !


This is the needed solution for the New Energy and Climate Bills  to make it  with out all the fights and naysayers . This is a Solution that will help ease into a new age , changing the landscape of of Energy as we know it .

With this Technology installed to breakdown CO2 and other Pollutants,this will save many business  from going  under creating a  huge job lose and create Jobs at the same time .  Stopping the Tax passed down to the Consumer !

Without this and other Innovative Solutions many refuse to believe in Global Warming , what is indisputable ~ The massive amounts of Poisons spewing into the atmosphere on a daily basis . Denying that is foolish , please check on Ocean Acidification for those who are not worried about or do not believe in Climate Change . No matter what you believe there is little doubt~ The Oceans are dieing . 

Please Watch , along with many related Videos ~ Studys ~ Ocean Acidification is real . Mercury is now common in so many fish .  At the rate we are going the Oceans do not have long ,  this is not fantasy this is real .